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Advices on how to take part in a circular fashion and how POPPRI empowers it

A combination of words, sustainable fashion industry' may sound something like fiction, but in fact, it might become a reality if both consumers and industry professionals would work together hand in hand.

Fashion manufacturing sustainability and transparency – that’s what’s needed to be achieved by the leading brands, for consumers to have all needed information to act in a more sustainable way.

Nevertheless, the overconsumption of clothing is so common that it is quite difficult to find solutions to how this process could be reversed or slowed. Having in mind that millions of lives depend on the state and health of our environment, the cycle of fashion production contributes hugely.

Of course, recycling is always proposed as one of the solutions but this is just a short-term gain, and the real impact comes from creating circular business models that lead to prolonging the life cycle of fashion goods, maximizing the positive effect of giving items second, third, and even fourth lives.

When reusing fashion items the life cycle of any fashion good transforms into several circles – this way the item moves and gets reused again and again, and never tossed away – this circular concept can lessen or even eliminate fashion waste.

Poppri actually operates in practices that empower circular fashion itself - collects unwanted fashion goods from big brands that sometimes have flaws, repairs them if needed, and resells them to buyers letting them choose their own price in an auction. Having in mind, that approximately 10% of fashion items are never sold and basically go to waste, POPPRI fashion auctions contribute with a real solution for changing the environmental pollution situation to a 180 degree.

Here are some ways you can take your part in circular fashion action:

  1. Participate in fashion auctions, such as POPPRI – here you will bid your own price and purchase for a great value together with taking a step in a circular fashion. Unwanted and unsold fashion goods are usually destined to go to waste but here you give them another chance.
  2. Sustainable fashion has become more mainstream among both designers and consumers, and the aesthetic appeal has evolved to become more desirable to a wider audience – now you can choose sustainable, recyclable materials not only for their ethics but also for aesthetics too.
  1. Choosing something vintage is ultimately popular – it is considered as a timeless, more valued purchase, more desirable than new products because of its uniqueness, a virtue that stands against the standardization of mass-market production. And also going vintage is one of the main components of the circular fashion industry. When purchasing vintage items the linear system of “take, make, dispose of” gets almost entirely eliminated.
  1. When you get bored of some fashion item or it no longer matches your style or new purchases making outfits – try gifting it to some friend or relative.
  1. Some fashion items may seem seasonal at first sight, but actually, there are many options to make your clothing relive once again in another season. There’s no reason to waste money on a brand-new fall wardrobe when you can use what you already have from your summer collection. You’ll save money and won’t have to wait to wear your favorite tank tops and shorts. By layering and adding new accessories, you can reuse summer clothes during winter or just colder weather.

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