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Since 2012, POPPRI has pioneered sustainability by reconnecting world-famous fashion brands with mindful fashion enthusiasts worldwide through exciting online auctions featuring unique pieces with character and stories.

Our mission revolves around breathing new life into preloved pieces with delightful quirks, unsold brand treasures with minor flaws or returned exclusive brand-new fashion pieces.

Bid farewell to ordinary fashion and embark on an exciting journey to sustainably uncover your next style gem.


Authentic Items

We're unwavering in our commitment to providing you with only genuine products. Each piece undergoes a meticulous verification process through our rigorous counterfeit-control system to maintain your trust.

Precise Item Inspection

Each piece undergoes a thorough double-check to identify any unexpected imperfections, ensuring that nothing that could disappoint our customers goes unnoticed. Any flaws or quirks are clearly marked, so you won't encounter any surprises.

Accurate Sizing

We're committed to ensuring your clothes fit you perfectly. To achieve this, we take great care to provide precise measurements. Most of our products are hand-measured, resulting in discrepancies typically within a range of 0.5 inch.