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1. Terms and Definitions

Seller – TEKSASAS UAB, registered company No 302721190, VAT ID No LT100007633914, registered office address: Gruodžio 17-osios g. 14, Ukmergė 20139, telephone: +370 698 44744, email:

Buyer – the user of eBay platform that has purchased goods from the Seller’s account  poppri_fashion_auctions on eBay platform and/or a customer of the Online Store —POPPRI.COM.

Buy-Back Programme – the programme developed by the Seller that enables the Buyer to return an item purchased from the Seller after it was worn and used or after expiry of the normal term for the goods return, in which case the Seller shall pay to the Buyer a set percentage of the goods purchase price provided that the item meets the conditions set out in these Rules and the Buyer has taken actions specified therein.

Rules – these Rules of the Buy-Back Programme.

Programme Participant – the Buyer that has registered for the Buy-Back Programme of the Seller.

Registration – the result of the Buyer’s registration with the Buy-Back Programme according to the Rules.

Goods – a goods item or items purchased by the Buyer from the Seller.

Repurchased Goods – the Goods item that meets the conditions of these Rules and which may be returned by the Programme Participant to the Seller under the Buy-Back Programme.

Online Store – the Seller’s online store on the website

Personal Data – any information on the customer collected by the Seller which may be used for identification of the customer and which is stored electronically or otherwise.

Privacy Policy – the document adopted by the Seller and published on that contains main provisions on the collection, storage, management and retention of the Personal Data as well as other aspects relevant to the use of the Buy-Back Programme.

2. General Provisions

2.1. The Rules shall be a legal document binding on the Programme Participant and the Seller that defines the rights and obligations of the Parties and describes conditions and procedures for the return of the Goods under the Buy-Back Programme.

2.2. The Seller shall reserve the right to amend, correct or supplement these Rules. The Programme Participant shall be informed about such changes on the Online Store and via email. The changes shall enter into effect from the moment of their publication and shall be valid for all the Goods’ returns under the Buy-Back Programme, therefore, it is recommended that the Buyer should read the Rules prior to each return of the Goods under the Buy-Back Programme.

2.3. The Buyer taking part in the Buy-Back programme shall be:

2.3.1. a capable natural person, i. e. a person of full age whose capacity has not been restricted by court; or

2.3.2. a minor 14 – 18 years old subject to obtaining a consent of parents/guardians, except in cases where a minor is entitled to dispose of his/her income; or

2.3.3. a legal entity.

2.4. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, after familiarisation with the Rules they shall become a contract by and between the Seller and the Programme Participant (the ‘Contract’).

2.5. By registering for the Buy-Back Programme, the Programme Participant consents to these Rules.

2.6. Detailed information on the return of the Goods under the Buy-Back Programme is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the Online Store. It is recommended that the Programme Participants should read the FAQ published on

2.7. The Seller shall be released from any liability in the case if the Programme Participant has not familiarised himself/herself with the Rules and the FAQ in full or in part even though he/she was afforded such opportunity.

3.The Buyer’s Registration for the Buy-Back Programme

3.1. The Buyer may take part in the Buy-Back Programme only after taking all the following actions on the Seller’s Online Store:

3.1.1. The Buyer has registered with the Buy-Back Programme and has the status of the Programme Participant, i. e. has received the Seller‘s confirmation of his/her participation in the Buy-Back Programme;

3.1.2. The Buyer has confirmed his/her consent to the Rules that form an integral part of the Contract by and between the Programme Participant and the Seller;

3.1.3. The Buyer has confirmed his/her consent to the Privacy Policy of the Online Store.

4. Principles of Operation and Validity of the Buy-Back Programme

4.1. Starting from the date of the Registration, the Programme Participant may return, under the Buy-Back Programme, any Goods purchased from the Seller after the Registration if more than 180 calendar days have passed after Goods purchased from the Seller account poppri_fashion_auctions on eBay platform or 30 calendar days has passed after purchase on the Online Store and no more than 1 (one) year has passed since the day of purchase.

4.2. The Repurchased Goods shall be undamaged. Condition of the Repurchased Goods may be:

4.2.1. normal – with signs of wear and defects that are not essential defects;

4.2.2. very good – minimal signs of wear and without defects or with minimum defects;

4.2.3. excellent – without signs of wear.

4.3. The Seller shall repurchase the Goods from the Buyer at the price equal to 30% of the original price paid by the Buyer to the Seller irrespective of the Goods’ wear and condition (provided that the Goods’ condition corresponds to provisions of Clause 4.2 above).

4.4. Prior to returning the Repurchased Goods, the Programme Participant shall:

4.4.1. Complete the Repurchased Goods Return Form under the Buy-Back Programme or contact the Customer Service by email;

4.4.2. The Programme Participant shall be requested to present for the Goods: the label retained by the Buyer; the purchase invoice; order number; the Goods ID; the bank account number for refund.

4.4.3. In addition, the Programme Participant may be requested: To provide photos of the Goods (taken on that day); To specify visible signs of wear.

4.4.4. To obtain a confirmation from the Customer Service that all the requisite information on the Goods has been provided and the item can be returned under the Buy-Back Programme.

4.5. Costs of shipment of the Repurchased Goods shall be paid by the Programme Participant.

4.6. The Programme Participant shall send the Repurchased Goods by registered post and notify the shipment number to the Seller.

4.7. On receipt of the Repurchased Goods, the Seller shall confirm, within 7 working days, the authenticity and condition of the Goods (whether the condition complies with provisions of Clause 4.2 above). If the Programme Participant does not receive the Seller‘s claim regarding the Goods‘ authenticity and condition by email during the said period, it shall be deemed that the Seller has no claims. If the Seller makes a claim against the Programme Participant within the said period, the Seller shall rely on the criteria provided in these Rules.

4.8. The Seller shall refund to the Programme Participant, within 7 working days after confirmation of the Goods‘ authenticity and condition, the amount referred to in Clause 4.3 above, i. e. 30% of the Goods price paid by the Buyer at the time of its acquisition.

4.9. The price of the Repurchased Goods shall be paid to the Programme Participant by a bank transfer to the account specified by the Programme Participant.

4.10. The Buy-Back Programme shall not apply to the following Goods: underwear, swimming suits, socks.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Programme Participant

5.1.The Programme Participant shall have the right:

5.1.1. Provided that actions referred to in the Rules have been duly taken, return to the Seller the Goods item despite that it has been worn and used or that the normal term for the goods return has expired, and receive from the Seller a fixed percentage of the Goods’ purchase price.

5.2. Obligations of the Programme Participant:

5.2.1. Duly and timely perform all the duties referred to in the Rules;

5.2.2. Ensure that all the information provided to the Seller is true and correct;

5.2.3. Communicate with the Seller in good faith by providing correct information;

5.2.4. Assume responsibility for a failure to perform the duties of the Programme Participant or for improper performance thereof. Refrain from making claims to the Seller in such cases and indemnify the Seller for related losses, if any.

6. Rights and Obligations of the Seller

6.1. Rights of the Seller

6.1.1. Should the Programme Participant provide inaccurate, incorrect or misleading information, fail to provide the information required under the Rules, or fail to take other actions required thereunder, the Seller may refuse to pay to the Programme Participant the percentage of the Goods’ price as stated in the Rules.

6.2. Obligations of the Seller

6.2.1. Duly and timely perform all the duties of the Seller referred to in the Rules;

6.2.2. Assume responsibility for a failure to perform the duties of the Seller or for improper performance thereof and indemnify the Programme Participant for related losses.

7. Liability

7.1. The Programme Participant shall assume full liability for the correctness of details provided in the Registration Form and the Repurchased Goods Return Form. If the Programme Participant has provided inaccurate details in the Registration Form and the Repurchased Goods Return Form, the Seller shall not be liable for consequences arising therefrom.

7.2. The Seller shall be released from liability for any losses arising from the Programme Participant‘s failure to familiarise himself/herself with the Rules (while he/she was afforded such opportunity) disregarding the Seller‘s recommendation and his/her obligations.

7.3. If damage is caused, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for the losses according to a procedure and on the grounds prescribed by the Lithuanian law.

8. Personal Data Protection

8.1. The Seller shall process the Personal Data on the Programme Participant received through (i) the Programme Participant‘s browsing the Online Store; (ii) the Programme Participant‘s registration for the Buy-Back Programme; (iii) provision of information required for the return of the Goods under the Buy-Back Programme; (iv) direct marketing performed by the Seller; (v) the Programme Participant’s enquiries sent to the Seller; (vi) the Programme Participant’s visiting the Seller’s social media accounts and/or taking actions therein.

8.2. The processing of the Programme Participant’s Personal Data is described in greater detail in the Privacy Policy of the Seller. The Programme Participant shall consent to the Privacy Policy in order to register for the Buy-Back Programme.

8.3. The Personal Data shall be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts. In the processing of the Personal Data, the Seller shall implement organisational and technical measures to protect the Personal Data from accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, disclosure and any other unlawful processing.

9. Marketing Measures Implemented by the Seller

9.1. The Seller may implement various campaigns, change their conditions or terminate them.

9.2. If the Buyer agrees that the Seller can send information notices (newsletters) to his/her email address informing the Buyer about the Seller‘s offers and campaigns, the Buyer shall give his/her consent by ticking a relevant box at registration. Without the Programme Participant‘s consent the Seller shall not use the Personal data for marketing purposes and shall not advertising/information notices to the Programme Participant, except those which are necessary for the fulfilment of the latter‘s order placed under the Buy-Back Programme.

9.3. If the Programme Participant does not wish to receive offers addressed to him/her or wishes to change settings of newsletter subscription, the Programme Participant should apply to the Seller.

10. Information Exchange

10.1.The Seller shall use the email address of the Programme Participant provided in the Registration Form, and the Buyer may use any channel referred to in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Online Store for communication purposes.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. The Rules and interpretation thereof as well as the relationship between the Parties for the purposes of these Rules shall be governed by the Lithuanian law.

11.2.  Any disagreements related to compliance with these Rules shall be resolved by negotiations. In the case of a failure to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be settled according to a procedure prescribed by the Lithuanian law.

11.3. The Parties shall be released from fulfilment of their obligations under the Rules if such fulfilment is prevented by unforeseen circumstances beyond the Parties’ control or the Parties are unable to timely fulfil their obligations due to such circumstances.

The Rules were last updated on 27 July 2022.