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Yes, of course, if the item does not match your primary vision, you will have 30 days to return it. However, all items must be in their original condition: not worn, not washed, and with all tags and labels. Any return must be notified to us first and then returned by recorded post within 30 days of receipt.

For return instructions, please contact our Customer Service at


  • When filling a return declaration form, please make sure to indicate an exact description and exact winning price of each returned item, otherwise return will not be cleared by customs and it will be returned to you, as it will not match an original invoice which will be sent to customs from your order page.
  • All returned goods must be returned from the same address as it was sent to and sender's name should be the same as specified at the checkout. Otherwise, a refund will not be issued, as it will be no possibility to clear the parcel at customs.
  • Items carrying POPPRI Authenticity Guarantee Seal/Sticker must be returned just like it was sold originally: with this seal/sticker attached. If Authenticity Guarantee Seal/Sticker is missing or broken, POPPRI remains the right to refuse taking back and to refund for such item, since it's no longer considered as original and authentic piece purchased from POPPRI.
  • UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR, SOCKS and TIGHTS are excluded from our return policy. Any underwear or swimwear returned to us will be destroyed and NO REFUNDS will be issued, regardless of its condition.

We will only refund the original cost of the item's price and we will not refund any postage costs unless the problem was caused by us.



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