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Firstly, purchase REBORN fashion goods from POPPRI Fashion Auctions:

    To participate in the Buy Back program you will need to:

    1. Register for participation in the Buy Back program:

    • you can return purchased items within 1 year from the date of registration;
    • more than 180 calendar days have passed after Goods purchased from the Seller account poppri_fashion_auctions on eBay platform or 30 calendar days has passed after purchase on the Online Store.

    Have in mind - the sooner you make a registration, the earlier your purchase could be returned to POPPRI.

    2. After registration you will receive an email confirming that you are participating in Buy Back program.

    3. Save the label of the item you have purchased and the invoice of your purchase (you have received the invoice to your email – you will find it there);

    4. When the time comes and you‘ll want to return the item to POPPRI – get ready to send the item back but have in mind that it has to be presented in an appropriate condition and not damaged too much. POPPRI will accept fashion items in various states: that are almost new, worn a lot, even if they‘re flawed, and need to be fixed.

    5. When you have decided to make a return to POPPRI – visit once again and fill the form for Buy Back return.

    6.You will receive and email from POPPRI asking you to provide info: 1) the status of the goods, 2) current photos of the item: labels, goods (from different angles), signs of wearing 3) invoice 4) account number to which the money will be returned (bank or paypal).

    After sending all this info to POPPRI - wait till we inform you that the item is approved for return.

    7. Send the item/-s back to POPPRI and don‘t forget to provide the tracking number of the shipment by sending an email to POPPRI.

    When your returned items will reach POPPRI – we will approve receiving them and will transfer your money back to your bank account that you have provided us during registration.

    Now your returned fashion goods will be inspected, checked thoroughly, fixed if needed and prepared by POPPRI for finding the new owner – returned fashion goods will be REBORN once again!



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