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  • Buy Back program is valid within 1 year of purchasing the item.
  • More than 180 calendar days have passed after items purchased from the Seller account poppri_fashion_auctions on eBay platform or 30 calendar days has passed after purchase on the Online Store.
  • The items that could be sent back to POPPRI can vary form brand new to good condition, or in other words - if the condition of the item is eligible and it was purchased at POPPRI, it can be sent back to us!
  • Buy Back program is not valid for underwear, swimwear, socks.
  • Shipping costs when sending the item back to POPPRI must be covered by the customer.
  • You can choose other ways for your item to contribute positively to the common good – the buy back amount or the item itself can be donated by POPPRI to the charity organizations.


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