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How to participate in POPPRI Fashion Auctions?

Just entered the POPPRI website and have no clue what even to begin with? POPPRI fashion clothes bidding site system is user-friendly and hassle-free as we believe that designer clothing auctions should be an exciting and passionate game rather than unbearable confusion.

With these brief instructions, we will make sure it won’t take long to master the art of bidding and winning the most desired products. Our main goal is to make this process as smooth and convenient as possible.

Ready to kick-start and participate in your first fashion auction with POPPRI? To begin with, you are required to:

1. Register yourself on the POPPRI site.
Click the “Log in/Sign up” button on the upper right corner of the web and register yourself using your Facebook, Google accounts or by simply typing in your email address and a new password in the columns below. Do it only once and you are all set up for the rest of your fashion bidding experience!
2. Sign up for the membership.
It’s quick and convenient - once you sign up, the membership will renew automatically every single month.

Already registered as a POPPRI member? It’s time to get into a serious game and start bidding! To begin with, you should:

1. Search for the good you desire to win.
2. Once you found the purchase of your dreams - set the price that you wish to pay.
3. Follow the updates of the auction. This part is very crucial as other bidders might come up with a higher price than you suggested. Stay constantly attentive!
4. Stay in the game till the very last minute and win the purchase of your dreams.
5. Once you won the auction, pay for the purchased item.
6. Celebrate your fortune with a dream purchase in your hands!

As you may already notice, the bidding process on the POPPRI website is quick, convenient, and effortless. Begin with your first online clothing auction and if you will ever come across any confusion - contact us! We are here to assist you in any step of this process.