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POPPRI Sustainability Manifesto


We care about our clients who enjoy responsible fashion, about our employees – everyone who wants to make our planet good for living for us and future generations.
Not only we are passionate and venturesome – we are accountable for our actions as a participant in the fashion industry.
That’s why we are committed to the more sustainable consumption goal which aligns POPPRI’S with core value: responsibility.


In 2012 we had an exciting idea: to fight fashion waste by giving a second life to the unwanted, unsold clothes, accessories, and everything that’s considered the item of fashion.
Our mission is to help build a way and methods to transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future, by empowering our customers to drive the change.

We believe that auction is one of the best methods of selling together with maintaining the idea of sustainable fashion – our clients bid the price they wish to pay, get the best price deal and purchase fashion goods that could have been thrown away.
We believe that practically every fashion item can be saved from going to waste – and it doesn’t matter if it has a small defect or flaw because in POPPRI we fix those items making them perfectly prepared for reusing by their new owners.


We educate our customers making sure they understand how important is to reuse, recycle as much as you can – we show them an example with our practice of fixing items and taking care of them properly to prolong their lifecycle.

We try to reduce negative logistics contribution to pollution, the health and welfare of people around the world. Our customers can choose longer delivery term which means a more sustainable approach when handling shipments, putting them in bunches, and that way reducing logistics intensity together with a negative impact on the environment. Also we offer our clients various terms of shipping giving them a chance to choose the longer but more sustainable period of shipping their orders.

We are choosing partners who care – in our business, we partner with suppliers with the same approach towards sustainability and constantly search for new partnerships that would reflect our values. We work with those who put their effort into reducing the negative impact on the environment and contribute to making a positive change.

We are improving our packaging as much as it’s possible - we have stripped out everything unnecessary, our are recyclable and reusable. For some shipments we use bags that are easily decomposable and ecological.

We put the effort into finding new solutions to encourage our customers to take sustainable action, presenting them the Buy-Back program feature. Our members who practice circularity by buying from POPPRI, get even more value.
When you get bored with your fashion item or just need to renew your wardrobe, there is no need to think about what to do with it next. Our solution for preventing fashion goods from being thrown away by consumers is to offer them a sustainable way.

When the fashion item purchased from POPPRI is no longer wanted by its owner, we offer to send the item back to us and receive 30% of the paid amount. Together with our customers, we contribute to reducing fashion waste.


Join POPPRI and keep on practicing the most sustainable way of fashion items consumption!