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Sustainability practices at POPPRI

Any business's sustainable actions should allow companies to reduce their negative impacts on the environment while still allowing the business to do what they were created for.
But how can a business become sustainable additionally besides making their products sustainable?

POPPRI already fits the sustainable business definition – collecting fashion items that were destined to go to waste, fixing their flaws if needed, and then reselling them for the customer to reuse is a sustainable practice itself.

Sustainable practice #1
Reducing harmful waste.

For some shipments POPPRI uses bags that are easily decomposable and ecological – making sure clients will be ensured that every detail of purchasing from POPPRI is as sustainable as possible.
- Limiting paper waste in daily company routines and giving up plastic. POPPRI encourages employees to use as little paper as possible – making notes, invoicing digitally, and eliminating paperwork printing completely.

Sustainable practice #2
Reducing goods logistics pollution.

- POPPRI chooses logistic partners with the same approach to sustainability. There is no way you can implement sustainable actions fully just on one side – it is essential that fashion good‘s sustainable kind of journey wouldn't end just in the POPPRI‘s warehouse. POPPRI cares how orders reach customers and partners with courier companies that already use electric vehicles for some of the deliveries, hoping this would generate less CO2 emissions.

Sustainable practice #3
Encouraging employees to reduce travel pollution.

- Encouraging employees to take alternative, green transport. Air travel accounts for a significant amount of the CO2 footprint - offering alternative ways of transport such as trains is one way to prevent CO2 emissions from air travel.
- Limiting the need to travel at all by using video conferences. Another way POPPRI contributes to a cleaner environment is by offering video conferencing which positively affects their employees (better work-life balance), planet (fewer CO2 emissions), and profit (less travel, less wasted time, fewer costs).

POPPRI believes that a positive change can be made even if it means taking it step-by-step.
We try to accelerate fashion waste reduction by doing our part - putting effort to cultivate sustainability in everyday activities, business processes, and methods.
We are constantly searching for better and innovative solutions how to help our customers to consume fashion goods more responsibly and in more sustainable ways.