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Why it’s worth participating in Fashion Auctions?

You ended up on this website because one of your friends mentioned that there is an exciting way to purchase high-quality fashion goods while shopping sustainably? Well, it might be that you ended up here for a reason and it will change your shopping experience forever.

Here at POPPRI auctions, we revive high fashion goods for another life. If you assume that well-known luxurious brands are not for your pocket, here you have the right to set the price within your pocket limits and reduce your waste as well as save money.

Fashion actions are not just about purchasing goods online, but getting through an exciting process of building a strategy, bidding, and eagerly waiting for the fortune to arrive.

It’s an exciting and passionate process for a number of reasons:


  • Here you set the price. How often do you enter a high fashion brand store muttering about unreasonable prices? Here you have the power to set the price that you consider the product deserves.
  • The fashion auction system is quick, confusion-free, and rather entertaining.
  • You get exactly what you paid for. At the POPPRI clothes bidding site, we believe that sincerity and a clean reputation are the key values of any company. For this reason, all the listed products are described precisely the way they appear - keeping close attention to every single detail and defect they have, if they have it. For the record, all pictures of goods are truthful and unpolished, just the way they appear once you receive them.
  • Designer clothing auctions are not just another way to purchase goods online. The bidding system is designed in a way that you have fun and experience an adrenaline rush in the process of purchasing. It’s more than just another purchase, it is a breathtaking game.
  • Apply for Buy Back program and get a fixed 30% of your purchase amount even if the item is used and worn. Send the item back to POPPRI and get back up to 30% of the purchase amount – this applies to all items sold by POPPRI.
  • You contribute to the worldwide sustainability goals. By purchasing high fashion brands’ goods in an online clothing auction, you revive them for another life. They are repaired, resold, and reused which results in decreased overconsumption that is threatening with increasing numbers every single year.
If you are not convinced by your friends, colleagues, and this article by now, we highly recommend joining the first fashion auction and you will understand what this buzz is about.