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Sustainability may sound like something that requires a complex approach and strategy, however, an individual is not as helpless as it may seem at a first glance.
On the contrary, every individual counts in the transition to better sustainability and reduction of resource consumption.

Sustainability vision can be embodied only if YOU decide to take part in this kind of action and POPPRI gives you all needed opportunities for embodying responsible fashion consumption:

- When purchasing in POPPRI Fashion Auction you not only get the best price deal when bidding the price you wish to pay but also you choose a product that will be saved from going to waste. Often fashion items that are collected by POPPRI are destined to be thrown away despite their eligible condition and looks. You are saving an item from ending up in a landfill.
- Fashion item in POPPRI is prepared for you perfectly – if needed its flaws are fixed and you receive renewed fashion goods with no additional manufacturing actions used. Buying REBORN revived once again items significantly reduce the negative impact that the fashion industry is forcing on Earth – carbon print is lessened significantly because no additional materials, production is needed.
- When buying in POPPRI you are choosing sustainable packaging with no unnecessary paper or plastic. This packaging can be reused several times for other purposes – storage, other shipments packaging you might need in the future - so the consumption scope and additional purchases of packaging are reduced here too. Also, for some of the shipments, POPPRI uses easily decomposing bags – you can be sure that this kind of packaging is much less harmful to the environment.
- You can always choose a more sustainable shipping method in POPPRI – a longer term usually means a more sustainable approach when handling shipments, putting them in bunches, and that way reducing logistics intensity together with a negative impact on the environment.